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Nano4Energy  -- 来自西班牙的电源专家
带有正脉冲周期的HIPIMS电源 – 更开放的涂层工艺窗口和更高的沉积速率

Power supply sales and support

  • Quoted price to your factory
  • Spare power supply in China
  • Chinese technical support and Service
  • Remote Support
  • Process Development and Contracting
  • Coating Development and Sampling


Plasma Coating Technology/System Solution

World-Class Level of PVD/PECVD technology and system
Low cost
Key Parts supplied abroad
Quick delivery
Coating development support 
Local service support    


Sputter  DLC: a-C:H, a-C, doped DLC’s
Circular Arc,pernment&electrical field, super smooth coating, high target utilizition rate
Hipims etching、AEGD、linear plasma source etc…
Metal oxides,Reactive sputter and PECVD oxides/polymeric coatings

Professional team

In the PVD/PECVD coating world, we have the smartest brain/most experienced guys,
but not limited…