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Product Advantage
¡ô Advantages:
¡ñ High perfomance PCD/PEVCD equipment, ensure good quality and stabilities 
¡ñ Advanced cathodic are technology: fine controlled magnetic are technology, are enhanced plasma etching, fine process gases distribution
¡ñ Unique hollow cathode technology for DLC coating: high deposition speed, big coating thickness, plasma nitriding in line with DLC coating, internal surface coating 
¡ñ Hipims (high power impulse magnetron sputtering): patented AEGD (arc enhanced glow discharge etching), unique sputtering cathodes layout design, positive reversal technology in Hipims power supply, high ionization rate, good adhesion, super smooth surface and adjustable internal coating stress 
¡ñ Proven and advanced auxiliary equipments, includes ultra-sonic cleaning line, polishing, micro-sand blasting as well as quality control devices etc¡­
¡ñ  Quality control includes coating thickness, adhesion, micro-hardness etc¡­
¡ñ Pre/after services to supply technology consulting and help customers to solve any production problems.